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AE Steel is a high tech start-up founded to develop acoustic emission (AT) technology. This work is a continuation of research conducted in leading European research centers: Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Silesian University of Technology, and Politecnico di Milano. The goal of AE Steel is to develop solutions that use AT to reduce costs associated with the operation of industrial infrastructure to the maximum and, at the same time, to reduce technical risks.


Testing pressure equipment with acoustic emission method

The main purpose of AE testing of pressure equipment is to detect, locate and evaluate EA signal sources caused by surface and internal discontinuities in walls, welds and other components of the test object. The AT reveals active AE sources generated by cracks or other material discontinuities, corrosive processes, leakages and plastic deformation.

Testing covers only the parts of the equipment that are subject to stress during the test, therefore the test can cover either the entirety of the equipment or only its part. The scope of the AT examination is being determined each time based on the analysis of the equipment’s structure.

AE testing of above-ground vertical steel storage tank floor

AE Steel performs tests in accordance with the developed procedure for the floors of above-ground vertical steel storage tanks to detect and classify EA signal sources derived from active corrosion, material discontinuities or leaks.

As with any AT application, the acquired data only contain the information about active sources. Testing reveals active corrosive processes, such as general and localized corrosion (as defined in the norm PN-EN ISO 8044:2015-12), leading to a gradual loss of wall thickness, active discontinuities or leakages. The detected AE sources are evaluated, which leads to the classification of the technical condition of the floor of the tested tank and to recommendations regarding further operation of the vessel.

Diagnostics of oil energy transformers with the on-line acoustic emission method

The fundamental reason for the accelerated degradation of transformer oil are partial discharges. Its evaluation is possible with three methods:

  • electric – not used during normal operations
  • gas chromatography – sensitive to measurement errors
  • acoustic emission – relatively insensitive to interference, simple and the cheapest one.

Partial discharge detection with acoustic emissions is used with success during their normal operation. Locating internal transformer malfunction enables decreasing the cost of repair. It enables the analysis of the development of internal malfunctions and to make justified decisions about their further operation. As a result, it is possible to plan repairs, which prevents potential malfunctions. This is the simplest and cheapest of the available methods of partial discharge monitoring.

Sale of equipment for testing acoustic emissions.

AE Steel Sp. z o.o. offers sales of AE analyzers, preamplifiers and software for recording and analyzing acoustic emissions. Information on technical parameters of devices, software and prices is provided via the email address:

We invite you to contact and cooperation.


Acoustic emission testing (AT) is one of the most important Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods. Testing consists of recording and analyzing elastic waves generated during the development of existing damages or the appearance of new ones.

AT is a method which enables detection and location of developing deformation processes in the early stages of damage – before it becomes dangerous. Advanced analysis enables classifying the objects by their technical state and the estimated time of their safe operation.

It is important that the diagnostics can be run without interrupting the operation, which renders significant savings. In practice, in many cases, acoustic emission is a much cheaper method of diagnostics than the traditional ones, based on internal revision.

Main areas of AT application:

- pipelines
- pressure vessels
- storage tanks
- engineering objects
- aerospace industry
- transformers.

Acoustic emission testing advantages:

  • Acknowledged by the Office of Technical Supervision
  • Enables shortening the time of inspection – rendering significant savings
  • Enables detecting all kinds of active defects during the test, while most methods concentrate only on select few types of defects
  • Does not require long-term shutdown of the device’s operation - up to 36 hours in the worst-case scenario
  • It allows for a comprehensive analysis of the object, i.e. detection and location of damages within the structure, regardless of their visibility or their location relative to the installed sensors. Simultaneously with the detection of the damage, the intensity of emission signalizes the level of risk that the defect poses to the structure
  • Enables prolonging the time of operation of the structure
  • Increases the safety of the structure
  • Enables locating the damages


Experienced, international team of experts

AE Steel experts have over 20 years of experience in applying structural health monitoring and acoustic emission testing gained during the implementation of projects in Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Denmark and Vietnam for oil and gas industry, nuclear and conventional energy, aeronautic and aerospace industries. AE experts have level 1, 2 and 3 certificates in a variety of NDT methods, such as penetrant testing, leak testing, acoustic emission testing, visual testing and ultrasonic testing.



Digital Engineering Solutions

DES develops visual monitoring technologies for optimal infrastructure management, especially using mobile solutions. It has a unique offer which is the effect of the contributions of an interdisciplinary, international team combining expertise in various fields, such as optoelectronics, robotics, artificial neural networks, machine learning, structural health monitoring, programming, BIM, AR, probability modelling, risk assessment and predictive maintenance.

ETS Sistemi Industriali

ETS Sistemi Industriali Srl is an Italian company with headquarters in Milan. Founded in 1996. ETS from its conception has been implementing non-destructive testing in industry. It is a leading Italian company in the field of acoustic emission. It provides its services throughout the world. Additionally, the company offers services such as leak testing, thermography or helium leak testing.

EC Test Systems

The company specializes in monitoring, diagnostic and simulation solutions in acoustics and vibrations. It represents the leaders of the field in Poland and its technological solutions are used by the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. The offer is complemented by active thermovision, including software and thermovision cameras.

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AE Steel Sp. Z O.O.
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KRS: 0000645819
NIP: 9591979700
REGON: 365821381

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On the 19th of January 2018, AE Steel Sp. z o.o. signed a contract with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development to co-finance the project "Development and commercial implementation of an innovative method for detecting and assessing damage to steel above-ground oil, chemical and gas tanks." The value of the project is 1 089 219.00 PLN (amount in words: one million eighty nine thousand two hundred nineteen zloty and 00/100 grosz). The European Fund’s contribution is 799 680.00 PLN (amount in words: seven hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred eighty zloty and 00/100 grosz). Project is underway since the 1st of November 2017.